Friday, March 9, 2012

Where's Alyssa ? :)

Ahh, my blog. Sorry, I abandoned you :( Haha, I'm back and had much to do with school, and dealing with thee boyfriend, lol and making sure my television wasn't lonely either :D

 However, I wanted to do my first Review :) *Crowd cheers HOORAY!* its not cosmetics related, but skincare. So look forward to that in between next week/week after. For the fact that, I just changed my skincare routine from Proactiv (A.K.A crack cocaine for the skin) and what I mean by that is it's just an addiction my skin has, to where if I'm not using it on a daily basis my skin worsens. Let me know, for you fellow Proactiv users, if you have that same problem :O I wanna hear your experiences.

Soo, Alyssa where have you been ? Welll, if you followed me on
witter you would know. Just Kidding.
I've just been doing my school thing, and sitting at home. Trying to look for a new job succeding, youtubing, making friends :), etc. All that good stuff ! Anyways I don't wanna bore you with my jibber-jabber, if you've gotten this far. I want you to come back haha C: *Awkward Silence* follwed by *Awkward Smile* Ha, so I will keep my blog updated often & get on that review.

Thanks for reading,
Alyssa Marie ♥