Friday, March 9, 2012

Where's Alyssa ? :)

Ahh, my blog. Sorry, I abandoned you :( Haha, I'm back and had much to do with school, and dealing with thee boyfriend, lol and making sure my television wasn't lonely either :D

 However, I wanted to do my first Review :) *Crowd cheers HOORAY!* its not cosmetics related, but skincare. So look forward to that in between next week/week after. For the fact that, I just changed my skincare routine from Proactiv (A.K.A crack cocaine for the skin) and what I mean by that is it's just an addiction my skin has, to where if I'm not using it on a daily basis my skin worsens. Let me know, for you fellow Proactiv users, if you have that same problem :O I wanna hear your experiences.

Soo, Alyssa where have you been ? Welll, if you followed me on
witter you would know. Just Kidding.
I've just been doing my school thing, and sitting at home. Trying to look for a new job succeding, youtubing, making friends :), etc. All that good stuff ! Anyways I don't wanna bore you with my jibber-jabber, if you've gotten this far. I want you to come back haha C: *Awkward Silence* follwed by *Awkward Smile* Ha, so I will keep my blog updated often & get on that review.

Thanks for reading,
Alyssa Marie ♥

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

:D Tonight is going to be great. My love spoiled the surprise, because he says I need to be ready for where he's taking me, and blah. So hes taking me to Tokyo Steakhouse and to watch The Vow haha, he said he'd never watch a movie like that, he loves me soo !:( Too bad baby girl can't come, we take her everywhere. :]
Vanilla bean in my ugg boot 
My Glam Bag should be on it's way already. Now, this is my first one. I wasn't sure if it was worth it until after December, and January's bags, but I saw some blog posts on it. It doesn't look worth it :/ I don't really need X Out I have Proactiv, nor do I want a shine serum (I HAVE PLENTY !) I really wish we we're getting more makeup. Also, a lot of people said that it wasn't even Valentine's related :O !

p.s heres my valentines gift he got me sunday .)
xo Alyssa Marie <3

Monday, February 13, 2012


Alyssa Marie Santarosa. Eighteen years of age. Lives away from family in Sacramento, Ca with her boyfriend of four years. Moved here for school. Together they raise a puppy named vanilla (shes a crazy baby). She just decided to talk about her life, and such having been inspired by beautygurus on Youtube such as AndreasChoice, DulceCandy87, JLovesMac1, MacBarbie07, BeautyCrush, BeautySavvy, BeautySplurge, etc. She to wants to start a youtube channel, because of her inspirations. Although, she's a little nervous for it. And doesn't know where to start:) haha, She loves fashion, and makeup. Even living on a budget. She HOPES to do many things starting with: Blogging, Getting herself out there, and Youtube channel. P.s This is me :] Don't be confused. I started out in third person so had to finish ! Follow me on Twitter: AhhAlyssa93 On my way, to bigger things <3 Thanks for reading, Alyssa Marie <3