Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

:D Tonight is going to be great. My love spoiled the surprise, because he says I need to be ready for where he's taking me, and blah. So hes taking me to Tokyo Steakhouse and to watch The Vow haha, he said he'd never watch a movie like that, he loves me soo !:( Too bad baby girl can't come, we take her everywhere. :]
Vanilla bean in my ugg boot 
My Glam Bag should be on it's way already. Now, this is my first one. I wasn't sure if it was worth it until after December, and January's bags, but I saw some blog posts on it. It doesn't look worth it :/ I don't really need X Out I have Proactiv, nor do I want a shine serum (I HAVE PLENTY !) I really wish we we're getting more makeup. Also, a lot of people said that it wasn't even Valentine's related :O !

p.s heres my valentines gift he got me sunday .)
xo Alyssa Marie <3


  1. Very cool I'm also waiting on myglam bag I still haven't even gotten a tracking number but since I'm in the same city as their headquarters I'm not too worried yet.

    1. Haha, yeah I'm in Sacramento I'm just an hr and a half away and haven't got anything either. Thanks, I will follow !